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Welcome to Jump City Rentals, your go-to destination for premium party equipment rental in Oakdale, CA.

We understand that creating an unforgettable event involves meticulous planning and the right elements. That’s where our extensive range of party rentals comes into play, ensuring your celebration stands out. Explore our diverse categories, each designed to add a unique touch to your gatherings.

Bounce House Rentals for Boundless Fun

When it comes to injecting boundless joy into any event, our Bounce House rentals take center stage. Our vibrant and secure inflatable bounce houses are perfect for birthdays, school events, and neighborhood parties. Safety is our priority, and our well-maintained units guarantee hours of entertainment for the little ones.

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Water Slide Rentals - Splash into Excitement

Make a splash at your next event with our Water Slide rentals.

Beat the summer heat and add an element of excitement with our thrilling water slides. From twisting turns to refreshing pools, our water slides are a hit for both kids and adults.

Dive into the fun and turn your event into a wet and wild adventure.

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Tent and Canopy Rentals - Creating the Perfect Ambiance

Planning an outdoor event?

Ensure your guests are comfortable with our Tent and Canopy rentals.

Whether it’s shading your guests from the sun or providing shelter from unexpected drizzles, our high-quality tents and canopies create the perfect ambiance for any gathering.

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Patio Heater Rentals - Cozy Evenings Under the Stars

Extend your event into the evening with our Patio Heater rentals!

Oakdale’s evenings can get chilly, but with our efficient patio heaters, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Keep the conversations going and make your outdoor event a cozy affair with our top-notch heaters.

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Tables and Chair Rentals - Seating Solutions for Every Occasion

Seating arrangements matter, and our Tables and Chair rentals offer versatile solutions for every occasion.

From elegant tables to comfortable chairs, we have the inventory to accommodate gatherings of any size. Enhance the comfort and style of your event with our quality tables and chairs.

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In addition to catering to private celebrations, Jump City Rentals is your premier partner for community gatherings. Our inflatable wonders are perfect for block parties, turning neighborhood streets into vibrant, laughter-filled spaces. With diverse options like our exciting Bounce House rentals and interactive Water Slide rentals, we guarantee a block party that will be the talk of the town.

School events are a cornerstone of our community engagement. From lively fundraisers to end-of-year celebrations, our range of party rentals adds that extra spark to school events. Picture the joy on students’ faces as they bounce through our safe and entertaining inflatables, creating memories that last a lifetime.

For church events, we understand the importance of fostering a sense of community. Our Tent and Canopy rentals provide shaded gathering spaces, while our Tables and Chair rentals offer comfortable seating for congregations to connect and celebrate together.

At Jump City Rentals, we don’t just provide party equipment; we create experiences that resonate with your community. Book us today and let the festivities begin!

At Jump City Rentals, we take pride in being your one-stop-shop for party equipment rentals in Oakdale, CA. Elevate your events with our diverse offerings, from Bounce House rentals that bring boundless fun to Water Slide rentals that make a splash. Whether you need Tent and Canopy rentals for outdoor elegance, Patio Heater rentals for cozy evenings, or Tables and Chair rentals for versatile seating solutions, we’ve got you covered.

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